Redis session backend

Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis is the faster shareable session backend


Install and launch a Redis server. Install Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis Perl module.

With Sentinel, make sure you are using at least version 1.3.8 of Apache::Session::Browseable, this might require installing it from Debian Backports or CPAN.

In the manager: set Apache::Session::Browseable::Redis in General parameters » Sessions » Session storage » Apache::Session module and add the connection parameters for your Redis server(s).

This backend uses the perl bindings for Redis database provided by the Redis perl module. A complete list of supported constructor/connection options can be found in the module documentation.

E.g., Parameters (case sensitive):

Name Comment Example
server Redis server @ IP:PORT
sock Redis server @ unix socket unix:/path/to/redis.sock
sentinels Redis sentinels list,,
service Sentinel service name mymaster
password password (== requirepass) ChangeMe
database Redis DB 1
Index Fields to index refer to List of fields to index by session type


Restrict network access to the redis server. For remote servers, you can use SOAP session backend in cunjunction to increase security for remote server that access through an unsecure network