Browseable session backend


Browseable session backend (Apache::Session::Browseable) works exactly like Apache::Session::* corresponding module but add index that increase the speed of some operations. It is recommended in production deployments.


Without index, LL::NG will have to retrieve all sessions stored in backend and deserialize then filter each of them.

The following table list fields to index for each session type:

List of fields to index by session type

Session Type

Fields to index

Sessions (global) 1

_whatToTrace _session_kind _utime ipAddr _httpSessionType user mail _session_uid

Persistent sessions

_session_kind _httpSessionType _session_uid ipAddr _whatToTrace

CAS sessions

_session_kind _utime _cas_id pgtIou

SAML sessions

_session_kind _utime _saml_id ProxyID _nameID _assert_id _art_id

OIDC sessions

_session_kind _utime



If you have configured LemonLDAP::NG to use something other than _whatToTrace as the main session identifier, you must replace _whatToTrace with the new session field in the previous list

See Apache::Session::Browseable man page to see how use indexes.


It is advised to use separate session backends for standard sessions, SAML sessions and CAS sessions, in order to avoid unused indexes.