Browseable LDAP session backend

LemonLDAP::NG configuration

Go in the Manager and set the session module to Apache::Session::Browseable::LDAP for each session type you intend to use:

  • General parameters » Sessions » Session storage » Apache::Session module
  • General parameters » Sessions » Persistent sessions » Apache::Session module
  • CAS Service » CAS sessions module name
  • OpenID Connect Service » Sessions » Sessions module name
  • SAML2 Service » Advanced » SAML sessions module name

The fill out the corresponding module parameters:

Required parameters    
Name Comment Example
ldapServer URI of the server ldap://localhost
ldapConfBase DN of sessions branch ou=sessions,dc=example,dc=com
ldapBindDN Connection login cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com
ldapBindPassword Connection password secret
ldapRaw Binary attributes (?i:^jpegPhoto|;binary)
Index Fields to index refer to List of fields to index by session type
Optional parameters    
Name Comment Default value
ldapObjectClass Objectclass of the entry applicationProcess
ldapAttributeId Attribute storing session ID cn
ldapAttributeContent Attribute storing session content description
ldapAttributeIndex Attribute storing index ou
ldapVerify Perform certificate validation require (use none to disable)
ldapCAFile Path of CA file bundle (system CA bundle)
ldapCAPath Perform CA directory (system CA bundle)


In order to properly handle UTF-8 encoded values, you may need to set the ldapRaw parameter to a non-null value. This requires Apache::Session::Browseable >= 1.3.3