Check entropy of the password

This plugin can be used to check your password entropy.

It is used in:


Make sure you have installed these perl dependencies: - Data::Password::zxcvbn


Browse the Manager web interface for this configuration.

You have to enable the local password policy in General Parameters > Portal > Customization > Password policy for the plugin to work:

  • Activation: on

  • Display policy in password form: on

Then enable the checkEntropy plugin in General Parameters > Advanced parameters > Security > Check entropy:

  • Activation: Enable / Disable this plugin

  • Require entropy check to pass: Is the entropy check required to pass? (default to Off)

  • Minimal entropy level: If entropy check is required, which minimal level is expected for password to be accepted? (0-4)


When enabled, /checkentropy route is added to LemonLDAP API It will check new user passwords against zxcvbn library and display a bar showing the strength of the password.