Password Initialization Reset Plugin

This plugin can be used to initialize a reset password for a user.

It is used by:


Browse the Manager web interface for this configuration.

Enable the plugin in General Parameters > Plugins > Initialize Password Reset API plugin:

  • Activation: Enable / Disable this plugin

  • Secret key: Secret key for the Initialize Password Reset API


Take care to define a userDB module. The plugin does not work currently with Choice module.


When enabled, /initializepasswordreset route is added to LemonLDAP API. It will generate a mail session, usable for reinitializating a password by mail for a given user.


The secret key parameter is mandatory, and there is no default value.

Send a REST request with parameters mail and secret in JSON.

For example:

curl -s -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"mail":"","secret":"mysecret"}' | jq .


  "url": "",
  "mail_token": "8c717a2eb8233a95181846e0db29791c20c0b2dbbeab60ab5ae155559511a1d4"