Check password on “Have I been Pwned” API

This plugin can be used to check your password against the HIBP API.

It is used in:


Browse the Manager web interface for this configuration.

You have to enable the local password policy in General Parameters > Portal > Customization > Password policy for the plugin to work:

  • Activation: on

  • Display policy in password form: on

Then enable the checkHIBP plugin in General Parameters > Advanced parameters > Security > Check HIBP API:

  • Activation: Enable / Disable this plugin

  • Have I Been Pwned URL: URL of I have been pwned API (default to

  • Require HIBP check to pass: Is the HIBP check required to pass? (default to Off)


When enabled, /checkhibp route is added to LemonLDAP API. It will check new user passwords on Have I Been Pwned API and display a warning message if it is compromised.


The URL parameter is mandatory, and there is no default value.