Wordpress is a famous tool to create websites.

A lot of authentication plugins are available. We propose here to use CAS protocol and WP Cassify plugin.


Plugin installation

Go in Wordpress admin and install WP Cassify plugin.

Plugin configuration

The full documentation is available on https://wpcassify.wordpress.com/

General settings

Configure CAS server and CAS version:

Other options are correct by default.

User Roles Settings

You can assign WP Roles depending on values sent by CAS.

The rules syntax is quite special, you can use it or you can just define macros on LL::NG side and send them through CAS to keep simple rules on WP side.

For example create a macro role_wordpress_admin which contains 1 if the user is admin on WP, and send it in CAS attributes.

Then create this rule on WP side:

administrator|(CAS{role_wordpress_admin} -EQ "1")