LimeSurvey is a web survey software written in PHP.

HTTP Headers

LimeSurvey has a webserver authentication mode that allows one to integrate it directly into LemonLDAP::NG.

To have a stronger integration, we will configure LimeSurvey to autocreate unknown users and use HTTP headers to fill name and mail.


We suppose that LimeSurvey is installed in /var/www/html/limesurvey

LimeSurvey configuration

In Administration panel, go in Configuration > Parameters > Extensions manager. Select the WebServer module and configure it.


This is enough for the authentication part.


If you are blocked, you can deactivate the plugin with this request in database:

update lime_plugins SET active=0 where name="Authwebserver";

To configure account autocreation, you need to edit application/config/config.php: The configuration is done in config.php:

vi /var/www/html/limesurvey/application/config/config.php
// debug: Set this to 1 if you are looking for errors. If you still get no errors after enabling this
// then please check your error-logs - either in your hosting provider admin panel or in some /logs directory
// on your webspace.
// LimeSurvey developers: Set this to 2 to additionally display STRICT PHP error messages and get full access to standard templates
        'debugsql'=>0, // Set this to 1 to enanble sql logging, only active when debug = 2
        // Update default LimeSurvey config here
        'auth_webserver_autocreate_user' => true,
        'auth_webserver_autocreate_profile' => Array('full_name' => $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTH_CN'],'email' => $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTH_MAIL'],'lang'=>'en'),
        'auth_webserver_autocreate_permissions' => Array('surveys' => array('create'=>true,'read'=>false,'update'=>false,'delete'=>false)),

See also

LimeSurvey virtual host

Configure LimeSurvey virtual host like other protected virtual host.

LimeSurvey virtual host in Manager

Go to the Manager and create a new virtual host for LimeSurvey.


Header name Description
Auth-User user login
Auth-Cn user full name
Auth-Mail user email


Rule name Expression Description
Logout /sa/logout$ Logout rule (for example logout_app_sso)
Admin   Allow only admin and superadmin users
Default default Allow only users with a LimeSurvey role


You can set the default access to:

  • accept: all authenticated users will access surveys
  • unprotect: no authentication will be asked to access surveys