Synapse Matrix home server



Synapse is the reference implementation of a Matrix home server, written in Python.

Configuring Synapse

See The official Synapse documentation for details

  - idp_id: lemonldap
    idp_name: lemonldap
    discover: true
    issuer: "" # TO BE FILLED: replace with your domain
    client_id: "your client id" # TO BE FILLED
    client_secret: "your client secret" # TO BE FILLED
      - "openid"
      - "profile"
      - "email"
    user_profile_method: "userinfo_endpoint" # Required if you see "localpart" error in Matrix logs
        localpart_template: "{{ user.preferred_username }}"
        # TO BE FILLED: If your users have names in LemonLDAP::NG and you want those in Synapse, this should be replaced with|capitalize or any valid filter.
        display_name_template: "{{ user.preferred_username|capitalize }}"

Configuring LemonLDAP

Add a new OpenID Connect relying party with the following parameters:

  • Options/Basic
    • Client ID: same as client_id configuration in Synapse

    • Client Secret: same as client_secret configuration in Synapse

    • Allowed redirection addresses: [synapse public baseurl]/_synapse/client/oidc/callback

  • Options/Security
    • ID Token signature algorithm:: RS256

  • Options/Logout
    • Type: ‘Back Channel’

    • URL: [synapse public baseurl]/_synapse/client/oidc/backchannel_logout

    • Session Supported: On

  • Exported Attributes
    • preferred_username: uid

(adjust if you don’t store your username attribute in the uid session variable