Active Directory





The Active Directory module is based on LDAP module, with the following features:

  • Specific default values for filters to match AD schema

  • Compatible password modification

  • Reset password on next logon workflow


The configuration is the same as the LDAP module.

AD password policy

AD password policy does not follow the LDAP RFC, but Microsoft has implemented its own policy. LemonLDAP::NG implements partially the policy:

  • when pwdLastSet = 0 in the user entry, it means that password has been reset, and a form is displayed to the user to change his password.

  • when computed virtual attribute ‘msDS-User-Account-Control-Computed’ as 6th flag set to 8, the password is considered expired (support from Windows Server 2003). It is too late for the user to do anything. He must contact his administrator.

  • a warning before password expiration is possible in AD, but only in GPO (Computer ConfigurationWindows SettingsLocal PoliciesSecurity Options under Interactive Logon: Prompt user to change password before expiration). However it as no reality in LDAP referential. A “password warning time before password expiration” variable can be specified in LemonLDAP::NG to do so.


Note: since AD 2012, each user can have a specific password expiration policy. Then, the “maximum password age” can have different values. This is currently unsupported in LemonLDAP::NG because every policy must be computed with their precedence to know which maximum password age to apply.

Mandatory password change

Some configuration is required in General parameters » Authentication parameters » LDAP parameters » Password:

  • Enable Change as user

  • Enable Allow to reset an expired password

Password expiration warning

To configure warning before password expiration, you must set two variables in Active Directory parameters in Manager:

  • Password max age : number of seconds after the last password change, before it expires. It must match AD policy

  • Password expire warning : number of seconds between password expiration and the date from which user is warned his password will expire.