ContextSwitching plugin

This plugin allows certain users to switch context other user. This may be useful when providing assistance or when testing privileges. Enter the uid of the user you’d like to switch context to.


Just enable it in the Manager (section “plugins”) by setting a rule. ContextSwitching can be allowed or denied for specific users. Furthermore, specific identities like administrators or anonymous users can be forbidden to assume.

  • Parameters:

    • Use rule: Rule to enable or define which users may use this plugin (By example: $uid eq ‘dwho’ && $authenticationLevel > 2).

    • Identities use rule: Rule to define which identities can be assumed. Useful to prevent impersonation of certain sensitive identities like CEO, administrators or anonymous/protected users.

    • Unrestricted users rule: Rule to define which users can switch context of ALL users. Identities use rule is bypassed.

    • Allow 2FA modifications: This option must be enabled to append, verify or delete a second factor during context switching.

    • Stop by logout: Stop context switching by sending a logout request.


During context switching authentication process, all plugins are disabled. In other words, all entry points like afterData, endAuth and so on are skipped. Therefore, second factors or notifications by example will not be prompted and login history is not updated!


ContextSwitching plugin works only with a userDB backend. You can not switch context with federated authentication.


Used identity, start and end of switching context process are logged!

contextSwitchingPrefix is used to store real user’s session Id. You can set this prefix (‘switching’ by default) by editing lemonldap-ng.ini in [portal] section:

contextSwitchingPrefix = switching