SOAP services (deprecated)

LL::NG portal provides a SOAP server that can be enable to give configuration and/or session. These features can be enabled using the manager.

Portal SOAP services

SOAP functions are not accessible over network by default. SOAP functions are protected by Web Server, you can change this in portal configuration.

  • Read-only functions ( or paths):

    • getCookies(user,password): authentication system. Returns cookie(s) name and values

    • getAttributes(cookieValue): get elements stored in session

    • isAuthorizedURI(cookieValue,url): check if user is granted to access to the function

    • getMenuApplications(cookieValue): return a list of authorized applications (based on menu calculation)

  • Read/Write functions ( paths):

    • setAttributes(cookieValue,hashtable): update a session

    • newSession: create a session (return attributes)

    • deleteSession: delete a session

    • get_key_from_all_sessions: list all sessions and return asked keys

  • Notification send function (

  • Notification delete function:


When you use SOAP sessions backend, it is recommended to use read-only URL (/index.fcgi/sessions). Write session path is needed only if you use a remote session explorer or a remote portal


You can enable WSDL server in the manager. It will provide WSDL file (/portal.wsdl).