Certificate reset


This plugin allows users to reset their certificate informations.


  • User click reset certificate button.
  • He enters his mail.
  • LL::NG looks for the user in users database with given information.
  • An email with a link is sent if user exists.
  • User clicks on the link and he is redirected to the portal.
  • The portal asks him to upload his certificate file (base64, pem only).
  • A confirmation mail is sent to confirm the certificate has been successfully reset.


LDAP backend supported only



You have to activate the certificate reset link in the login page, go in Manager, General ParametersPortalCustomizationButtons on login pageReset your Certificate

The SMTP server must be setup, see SMTP server setup.

The register module also must be setup. Go in Manager, General ParametersAuthentication parametersRegister Module and choose your module.

Manager Configuration

Go in Manager, General ParametersPluginsCertificate Reset Management:

Certificate reset mail content:

  • Certificat reset mail subject: Subject of mail sent when certificate is reset
  • Certificat reset mail content: (optional): Content of mail sent when certificate is reset
  • Confirmation mail subject: Subject of mail sent when certificate reset is asked
  • Confirmation mail content: (optional) Content of mail sent when certificate is asked


By default, mail contents are empty in order to use templates:

  • portal/skins/common/mail_certificateConfirm.tpl
  • portal/skins/common/mail_certificateReset.tpl

If you define custom mail contents in Manager, then templates won’t be used.


  • Reset Page URL: URL of certificate reset page (default: [PORTAL]/certificateReset)
  • Certificate descrition attribute Name: Attribute where to save certificate description name (Default description)
  • Certificate hash attribute Name: Attribute where to store certificate hash (Default userCertificate;binary)
  • Minimun duration before expiration: number of days of validity before certificate expires. Default 0.


.p12 certificates only.