Remember authentication choice plugin

This plugin enables automatic authentication, based upon the last user authentication choice.

For this plugin to work, you have to configure a set of authentication modules.

If you have multiple SAML, OIDC or CAS issuers, you should define a dedicated choice for each of these issuers, and set the corresponding URL to /?idp=youridp.


Once enabled (section “General Parameters > Plugins”), you can set these parameters.

  • Parameters:

    • Activation: Rule to enable/disable this plugin

    • Cookie name: Name of the cookie storing the authentication choice

    • Cookie lifetime: Duration of the cookie (seconds) storing the authentication choice

    • Check by default: Is the checkbox “Remember my choice” checked by default?

    • Timer before automatic authentication: Timer before automatic authentication happens, if user has previously authorized the storage of authentication choice in a cookie


For instance, you may allow users from private network to have the “Remember authentication choice” checkbox:

  • Rule: $env->{REMOTE_ADDR} =~ /^192\.168\./