InWebo Second Factor

InWebo is a proprietary MFA solution. You can use is as second factor through Radius 2FA module.


On InWebo side :

  • Create a connector of type Radius Push.

  • Fill in the “IP Address” field with the IP of the public interface of your LL::NG server.

  • Enter a secret, that you will also configure on LL::NG side.

See InWebo Radius documentation for more details.

On LL::NG side, go in “General Parameters » Second factors » Radius second factor”.

  • Activation: Set to On to activate this module, or use a specific rule to select which users may use this type of second factor

  • Server hostname: The hostname of InWebo Radius server (for example

  • Shared secret: The secret key declared on InWebo side

See Radius 2FA module for more details.